Ergh, Double or nothing.

I can do trapeze just fine. Its when I try to do this trick it goes all weird. I do breakaway and it goes over my non-throw hand’s index finger and goes around like it is going to loop over my second and than all of the sudden it does a uhh gravity pull i guess and shoots back to my first index finger almost hitting me in the face. Its done this like 20 times. Any suggestions?

This problem may be caused by a too responsive yoyo. I see that your favorite yoyo is the velocity. The velocity’s response can be adjusted, so i recommend that you make it a bit liess responsive, not completely unresponsive, but just a tad less responsive. And if you have the yoyo set to full response, I don’t think dialing a notch down on both sides would make it completely unresponsive.
Try it out and see if it helps.

Not to play the other side of the fence here, but back in the day everyone learned this on a responsive yo.

Is your trapeze really strong and straight? I’d be looking real closely at that first.

To add, it needs to be one smooth motion all the way to the Double or Nothing, if you hesitate at all going to the last part, the yoyo will catch almost everytime. Shouldn’t be quite as bad with an unresponsive yoyo. But just make sure your throw is straight, and let it swing to double or nothing nice and smooth. Good yoyo’ers have a fluidity to there tricks, it’s the key!! ( And string alignment!)

Hope that helps, good luck!!

Ahh… I had the same problem with the trapeze. This is what is happening: you’re probably slowing down just before it lands, and the string gets bundled up in the yoyo, which causes it to come back. So make sure to do it nice and quick, and keep the string going to the yoyo taunt. Also, it was easier for me to learn the double or nothing by doing the first steps of Matrix.

Here’s the link:

Yeah, you’re having too much slack. You swing around, but don’t slow down while its swinging. If you need some time to aim, you stop when you are about to go around a finger, dont stop while the yoyo is in mid air, that makes slack and it will return. You can also try making it slightly less responsive for the sake of this trick.

honestly, i feel that if you’re using a responsive yo-yo to learn tricks like this, you’re doing yourself a favor. once you understand what to do with the slack (and what not to), that principle will apply itself to harder and harder tricks.

the post above is right on about the slack. the string segment connecting to the yo-yo shouldn’t be allowed to get all floppy at all. you’ll get it.

I’m going with rsmod123 and batyn. You might be going to slow with the string bundling up making it snag and go to your hand. Do you HARD breakaway and guide the yoyo threw the Double or Nothing. Don’t like it do it by itself. That will cause what you did.