trouble with trapeze and double or nothing


so I’m okay with the trapeze but I can only do it consistently if i do it from more of a forward pass instead of a breakaway (meaning I throw it away from my body instead of parallel with it) and I just can’t seem to do it consistently from a breakaway, I can only land it about half the time. This is a problem because I know alot of the more advanced tricks require me to get into the trapeze from a breakaway so that the string is parallel with your body.

another thing is I’m also having trouble with double or nothing, I think it’s a little bit harder for me because I have really short stubby fingers and the yo-yo keeps landing on both the strings because they’re too close to each other.

any help is greatly appreciated. Also I’m using a yyf whip

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Here are a few trapeze suggestions:,34997.msg343430.html#msg343430

Once you have the trapeze I think you’ll find the double or nothing will happen for you.
Good luck!


ok so this goes for both the trapeze and the double or nothing but you want to be using the momentum of the yoyo to swing into the trick instead of lots of force. If you just use force than it wont be accurate to land on the string. But for the double or nothing you want to have the string farther back on your fingers the first time you go around them and closer to the end of them the second time around.


That used to happen to me a lot too. I have to say the best way to get it is to keep practicing. Just get the motion DOWN and at some point, you’ll be able to do it without even trying, it’ll just float right into the correct alignment.

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This might for the double or nothing


wow thanks for the help guys! it helped alot! I feel like I’m really starting to get it down, and I found that once you have the double or nothing the matrix is a breeze.