How to do Double or Nothing?


Even after watching the tutorial video for 5+ times, i stil can’t do it. It seems that my throw is not strong.
Help Me! :-[


Could you be a bit more specific on where things go wrong?
Can you land a trapeze?
If so, then 1st land a trapeze. From there, you throw the yoyo over your throw hand pointerfinger, and let it swing around your non-throw pointer finger, and land the double or nothing.
This way you are able to practice double or nothing in small steps, instead of focusing on making the full double or nothing in one go.


My breakaway is not strong enough to go across even though its spinning fast and stable


It’s probably your throw. I can land double or nothing with a Brain so just work on your throw some. It might seem like it’s moving fast, but it really isn’t. Also, do you have thick lube in it? This could be why.


this is a trick that took me two straight days of nothing but misses to get. this one is just one that need a lot of practice. if it is not going around all of the way then throw harder and swing your arm more, but still snap your arm down. if you miss the string the second time around that is fine. just keep doing it until you hit it once. eventually you will get it every time.

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if it’s not coming around by itself, you can try to make it swing more as it comes around with your hands
a big problem a lot of people have is they can’t get the space between their fingers just right. it’s something you have to practics. if you fail try again.

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I’ll copy a seen-before method:

-Throw breakaway
-Stick both of your pointer fingers out
-Let the yoyo go around the base of the first pointer
-Let the yoyo go around your throwhand pointer
-Let the yoyo go around the tip of the same pointer it did at first
-Miss the string, and repeat until you land it

Addment: Mostly practice, crucial parts highlighted


Hey there zac, hopefully this helps or not its my shot at trying to help.

First thing that comes to my mind would be to try to do a world tour and see how well that goes for you. A world tour is a side ways Around the world.
“Sideways World Tour - Also known as side throw or sideways around the world. From a Breakaway throw, let the yo-yo continue and complete one revolution of a sideways around the world into a sideways Sleeper. Return the yo-yo to your hand by the method of your choice. This trick is also called World Tour (info retrieved from yoyonation).” (this is a video link of it)

That should help you with your throw and “strength”.

Here’s another Video that might also help you out with it. (only the beginning will be helpful to you for double or nothing).

Let me know if that video doesn’t show up. I’m not going to relist things that have already been said because the same thing said twice when it doesn’t make sense is like saying nothing at all. This does take practice to learn. Don’t worry about it Zac we have all been there and many of us still understand what it was like. Keep at it!

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Hey I just remembered another thing that really helped me when I was stuck on double or nothing.
You could learn and practice houdini mount. It’s exactly the same as double or nothing, but instead the string goes around your thumb on your throw hand first. here’s a very good video by Gerard Amento:

Houdini Mount from Gerard Amento on Vimeo.


make sure u can throw beakaway and make sure ur yoyo has bearing and 2 times around each finger nd land on string

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it helped me to learn houdini mount first. if having trouble throwing breakaways, try to snap your hand more throwing the yoyo while it’s lined up with your shoulder/head will make it straight if you can’t get the yoyo to go all the way across, travel world tours(around the world but sideways)
a lot of people also have trouble getting the space between their fingers just right
PRACTICE is another BIG thing
good luck