double or nothing =[

i cant get into double or nothing for my life. any useful tips on how to get it other than practice makes perfect?

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ye i got one
um do this

  1. practice getting trapeze first try and with your eyes closed
    2.once you got that practice going over and not landing on the string and once you get the feel of the length your gonna land the yoyo on the string
  2. practice landing!
    hope this sorta helps

There are several “cheats” to get into it. If I had a Cam I could make a Tut but I will try to explain this as well as I can. (Keep in mind this does not replace being able to actually do the trick

Once you’re in a Trapeze, you can take your index finger on your throw hand and insert it between the strings on the Trapeze. So you finger is under the string attached to the Yo-Yo, but on top of the string the Yo-Yo is sitting on. Now separate your hands, and you should be in a Trapeze still, but it looks like you’ve made a Triangle. You can now swing the Yo-Yo out to the side and over your non-throw hand, once it’s over… BAM… you’re in Double of Nothing. (This may also help you get the “feel” of how it should land)

This is a Cheat and does not replace being able to land the trick normally. The thing to learn most about doing strings tricks from Trapeze, Double or Nothing or other like mounts, is to learn the feel of the string. When I do those it’s less about hand-eye coordination and more about feeling where the string is, where the Yo-Yo is heading, and where it’s going. It’s just something you learn to by the feel of the string and it’s tension on your fingers. It’s important while learning to also make sure your fingers stay in contact with the string as much as possible to learn this “feel” I’m describing.

You could also try and do it the Houdini Drop way (catching the string on the first time over with your thumb, and then the second time with your index finger before it lands). Some people I’ve talked to have had an easier time learning how to land it that way.

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It is what I am working on for pass few weeks. My successful rate around 50% now.

this trick took me a ton of tries, days and days.

there are good tips here but i would also say just keep practicing. youll be doing them with your eyes closed in no time and it will really help you learn and understand other tricks. as you watch more yoyo videos youll notice that a LOT of tricks start with double or nothing, so keep at it!

I think with any trick you learn in steps. For me I started just by getting the right throw. Once I had a throw that had a good axis of spin I worked on going around both fingers. I tried to keep the string all on one line as I felt more success if I landed on all the strings rather than not landing at all. With more practice things started to slow down and I could work on string placement on my fingers and bam it just happened. After a week around 15 mins a day it seems easy now.