YoYoJam Lyn Fury


Okay, I’m planning to buy a Lyn Fury. so… Is it really 65.00g? I mean the Weight Distribution, not like FHZ’s it’s like 55g (or nearly 0g) ;D

And I’m also planning to buy Yoyojam Shims. What will I buy? Thin or Thick? or it’s just a preferences? any pros and cons of the two? or the main thing of those two shims is just how it will widened the gap?

Lyn fury is 65gram and that is not heavy, its normal actually. I wouldn’t get shim for lyn fury, if I am correct the gap for lyn fury is 5mm and that is pretty big.

But the lyn fury also comes responsive, he may want it unresponsive, which the shims will help with

Shims dont work in a Lyn… It comes with shims like built in

The Lyn Fury is an awesome yo-yo. It took me like 6 months to figure it out but it really is awesome. It comes a little responsive at first but it breaks in quick enough that it doesn’t matter. It plays really really well for the price and I use it on occasion along side my M1 and Dv888. If you are thinking about it, then do it. Definitely a great yo-yo ;D

im buying one as well and im realy excieted about it i heard it was kinda responsive so i bought some poly strings with it to help a little :slight_smile:

I have a lyn and kick side and I think the kick side is better for 5a

I love my Lyn. Now that I’ve played with a celcon plastic (which is what the Lyn is made of) for so long I don’t think I could go to another kind of plastic. I just love the solid, more weighty feel it has compared to the hollow, cheap feel of many other plastics. Mine has a center trac bearing and I siliconed the grooves where the o-rings used to be. It’s just where I want it, long spinning, dead unresponsive and has nice tight binds. It’s my main throw right now but I’m just getting to know my two new metals (YYF DV888, Kyo DNS) both of which are less than a month old so that may change but I know my Lyn will still always get regular play.

Just my 2 cents, skip the shims and play it as it is. It’s a great yoyo and for me, the perfect weight. If it’s too responsive, clean the bearing or sub-out a loved bearing of your choice. If you think the gap is too small, take out the o-rings and silicone the grooves. It doesn’t really need a wider gap.

Guys, this post is really really old. We tend to try and let these die so that newer information can be seen, and old stuff like this stays near the back.

This post is old. But this false information needs to be clarified:

Shims do work in a Lyn. It does not come with shims built in. The gap on the Lyn is adjustable, but shims make it possible to max out the gap. I love playing the Lyn in a variety of configurations, from tightened all the way down with thick lube for responsive play, to maxed out with shims and siliconed for unresponsive play. It is a super versatile, very durable yoyo.