Help with shimming Lyn Fury

I installed 2 red yoyojam shims in my Lyn, tightened the gap and my string kept sliding off the bearing onto the axle. So i tightened down on the gap causing the bearing to indent the shims (i know not to OVERtighten, but…)and it happens again. So i try just 1 shim…same thing. I installed 2 shims in my Kickside with no troubles at all. Is my Lyn just a lemon or is this fairly common? Any tips?

Don’t shim your YoYoJam Lyn Fury. Period. It has built in shims to make the gap bigger, so shimming it will cause slippage.

Thanks, Samad. I will stick with my Kickside for now…one of the very few who does.

Haha, I used to until my friend broke it. It was one of my favorite yoyos, and my first real yoyo :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine took me to advanced part 2 tricks. :slight_smile:

Thansk for the info, never knew that ;D

I like the shape and feel of mine but I can’t get a straight throw out of it…I’m sure it’s just me though. I prefer a little more weight and i can throw my Kickside straight and level. It’s all preference I guess.

I put two shims in my lyn, and the string doesnt slip at all. But it was slipping at first.