I applied thin shims and the string broke after 3 throws

I got my new 100% polyester strings and thin and thick shims today, and after I applied the thin (gray) shims I stringed the yo-yo with one of the new strings. and after 3 throws while tugging on the string to see if the yo-yo is unresponsive (it was) the string broke. I tried 2 more strings from the same kind right now and it was ok. so can it be that I had bad luck and pulled a defective string ?

PS. the bearing is much louder now is it because of the shims or I need to lube it ?

Thanks in advance

what yoyo are you using?

Dark Magic

Maybe your string slipped.
Happened to me once, I was totally shocked that a fresh alchemy would break in a couple of throws, turns out it slipped in between the axle and the bearing.
Always check before putting your string.

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Maybe, thanks for the tip.

I have another question. I played for some time with the thin (gray) shims, and decided that I want to try the thick (red) ones . But when I applied them, they were so thick that the bearing didn’t even got placed in its socket it was completely free, if I would turn the half upside down the bearing would just fall off. This is how it suppose to be ? (I use a Dark Magic)

It sounds like you aren’t pushing the shims all the way down.

Maybe i don’t know how to place them, can some one explain ? or know a video ?
What I did was to place them inside the bearing socket and push them as much as i could, and than placing the bearing on them.

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try this

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If I put in shims and then the bearing the bearing will be loose and fall out like it did for you. After i screw together and unscrew it the bearing is pretty snug in the bearing seat.

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