How to apply shims

Just to make sure i don’t mess up, i want to know how to apply shims. i have a dm if that makes a difference. mostly what i want to know is if you apply it to both sides or not? mmm, i don’t know that much about shims, so give me all the info you got!

Put a shim on both sides of the bearing, add as many as you like to make the gap exactly where you want it.

You can apply them to both sides. I used some home-made shims with my DM and put one on both sides. It worked out great.

Yep, its very simple. Just put the shims on the bearing seat. The little circle thing that the bearing is stuck on. If you wanna put more, you can remove the bearing and put on some more on each side. Put on as many as you want. Just be careful when screwing it together, don’t let the shims get stuck between the seat and the bearing.

how do you put it on the other side of the bearing? dosent the bearing need to grab the edge of the yoyo? won’t the bearing fall out or wobble or somthing?

Oh and when you screw it together, make sure that there isn’t a gap between the bearing and the side of the yoyo for the string to slip into.

Nope. Take the bearing out to put it on the other side and then when you screw everything together it will get somewhat tight partly because of the adjustable gap.

Also make sure you don’t overtighten the yoyo when you screw it back together. You could warp the shim that way.

put the shim where the bearing would be-put the bearing on top-screw in the yoyo

Congratulations-you are now a pro at inserting shims

hooray! i left for a while and all the info piled up!