How To Put Shims On?

Hi Guys
Will I ordered my M1 and some shims and they came ;D ;D
Except I tried putting one of my shims on my kickside and it got all bent and stuff I triued again later and it cracked :’( :’( :’( so now I only have 1 red and 2 greys and I dont wanna mess them up so how do you put them in???

I’m not sure, but just put them next to/ underneath the bearing. Look at our shopping page.

You take off the bearing, and the area that the bearing goes on (the bearing seat) is where you put them on. You simply take the shim and place it in there. Make sure it lies flat. Then put your bearing on, and screw your yoyo together. Make sure you dont tighten the yoyo too hard, or else the shim will crack.

Wait take the bearing off??
How do I do so, I think I heard something about pliers and twisting counter clockwise? does that work? And do i put it on reverse?

Yes, Use Needle Nose pliers

There is a Circle and grab the bearing with that. Twist and pull and should come out.

See the oval thing? And you dont need to put it in backwards or any selective way.


Don’t pull back. You might hurt the axle.

I meant do I do steps reversed to put back on…

Alos I dont have those type of pliers can I use regular ones?

So I just Twist?

Also I dont have those types of pliers, can I use any type?

I used to use another kind of pliers also and it seemed to work fine for me.

Okay thx

okay will i took it out and do I just place it in there?
becuase when I put it in and put the bearing on it for the finger spin it doesnt spin for more than 1 second

does anybody know I have to got to bed soon!!!

umm…is it susposed to be loud when you put them on???

Yeah, basically. But it shouldn’t be affecting your bearing spin or the noise level, I don’t think.

Check it VV

(Sorry for the yellowness of the picture. :P)

okay its not loud i have been playing with my new m1 and its like dead silent and my kickside has always been noisy, i tried it played it , took it aprat and its good the bearing connected to the other side and spins for like 4 seconds on finger test thanks for the help

Then? Where are your manners?!? ;D