Taking out a bearing

Title mostly says it all. Just a simple question, if I wanted to replace a bearing with another one how do I take out the current bearing? I grab it and take it off? Pliers?

grab it and take it off or if its stuck in ther grab some pliers and grip it and wiggle it off

What yoyo is it? Some of them are hard to get out compared to others.

More or less, just grab it with pliers and wiggle it out. Also, try searching around the forum for more advice and pictures.

in the begining he shows you

bite it with your molars raar just rip on it till it comes out

I have a Dark Magic.

So, to put a new/same bearing back in, I just put it exactly how it was last time? No tightening or anything, just place it there, screw the other half of the yoyo on, and good to go?

Yup. It should set in there and you push it in. Then you’re good to go.

Ah, ok. So, the bearing goes in like, a little circular slot?

That’s called the bearing seat. It’ll be the only place the bearing will actually fit. So yes.

Wow, your funny…

thank you but that is how i do it seriously

Well thats about the worst way you could do it. Not only will you tear up your teeth but if it slips you could take out a chunk of your cheek.

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