switching darkmagic bearing.

i’m tryin to switch the bearing in my dark magic from the original to the speed bearing. i can’t seem to remove the original. is there a trick to it or do i just need to pull it out with pliers?

i had a real hard time also (im 22 6’0 240 and lift 5 days a week lol) Take the plyers and grab the bearing with the circle part near the handles. Hold on tight, take the yoyo and shift it to a 45 degree angle away from the plyers HARD. You should get it out this way, took me half hour of figuaring it out but thats the trick.

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OR a much easier way would be to find a drill bit that fits the inner circle of the bearing good and move it sideways. if the axle is on the wrong side then take it out by chucking the axle in a drill and twisting left, or put a rubber band around the axle and use pliers to twist it out

This is almost correct, but this is not really the correct way, as you would risk damaging the plastic. You should not remove the bearing using ONE hard shift. Instead, you should wiggle it slowly while pulling the bearing out. This would reduce the amount of damage to the plastic to the minimum.

Wiggaling didn’t work trust me I tried it

wiggling does work trust me… I’ve tried it… it just takes a minute

It works better than your method. Just take your time.

Hey i had this problem. use pliers and just be gentle. the old one will stay together if your gentle and pull harder than you think.

On YYJ large bearings, the drill size is 1/4 inch.

If the bearing is in the axle side, you can still use this method, but with a more generic tool - a 1/4 inch steel tube will fit over the axle. Get it at your local hardware store. They’re about 9-10 inches long and probably less than $2. You can use this regardless of what side the bearing is stuck on. I’d cut it down to 3-4 inches long. A brass tube will work if you can’t get a steel tube.