Dark Magic ll?

If I buy the Dark Magic ll will I need to buy a bearing removal tool to switch the bearings out?


Nope a good set of Pliers will get the job done just fine. Just remember to wiggle the bearing off.

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You shouldn’t need the to use the bearing removal tool for any yoyo. You might not be able to remove it with your hands, but there are plenty of tools you probably have around you house you could remove it with.

You can even use the smooth end of a drill bit.

Luckily for you, the Dark Magic II and most solid spin axle YYJ yoyos have very loose bearing seats, and the bearing should just fall out once you unscrew the yoyo.

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I recently did an informal survey of some of my yoyos to see which ones were and were not tight in the bearing seat. My Fiesta XX, DM2 and Speeder 2 are loose and do not require any tools or help getting the bearing out. I won’t take this as a definitive answer, but it seems rather consistent in what I have based on the axle used.

The dark magic 1 had an adjustible gap and the bearing had to be a tight fit so it would not slip off the seat when you unscrewed the yoyo to adjust the gap, but the dark magic 2 (since it comes with the slim bearing) has a very loose (and not as shallow) bearing seat and you can just take it out with your hands. I traded my dm2 and kept me dm1 (still love that thing).

just use some needlenose pliers