A few questions

So i just got a dm a week ago and i love it but i had a few questions since ive been looking around
first is a kk bearing really worth it?
second i feel like my gap doesnt adjust like i want it to so are shims a good choice?
third any type of string you would recommend to play with?
or any more advice you have


I would suggest a kk bearing and type 6 100% polyester or type 6 50/50% polyester/cotton. Not really sure about the shims though…

I alwasy thought KK was supposed to be really good, but after using it, I can say, its not really necessary. A well broken in bearing, or cleaned can be just as good.

Use either Type 6 50/50, Type 6 Polyester, or G-String, Highlights, or Kittie String.

Shims are definitely worth it, and are a great addition to your yoyo.


What are shims(this probably sounds stupid) ???

They are like little rings you put above and/or below the bearing to widen your gap.

but do stainless steel shims make any difference than just regular plastic ones?

steel ones are more durable than plastic/paper ones.
also, steel ones are SLIGHTLY easier to find if you’re an untidy person(You can shine a flashlight and try to find the shiney stuff or use a magnet), and you won’t LIKELY throw it away on accident.

i bought my kk without lube, and it really sucks. Don’t buy a kk without lube, kks are hard to break into.