PGM (Again)

So Im Gonna Get A Green PGM.
What Else Do I Need Or What Could I Get To Make My Yoyo More Fun??
I Was Thinking A Different Response For Back-Up Because Im Not Familliar With YYF Response
I Dont Even Know What A Kpad Is!

And String, Probably 100 Count String

But Would A kk Bearing Apply Longer Sleep Times And Is Thin Oil Needed Or Useful?

Please Reply

(PS Im Gonna Get Green When It Returns So Does Anyone Know When Theyre Coming Back?)
And Is It Responsive Or Unresponsive Out Of The Box?
And Is Shims A Good Idea Or Would They Not Work, If They Work I Will Get Some Anyway Because Theyre Not That Pricey :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have just bumped up your other topic.

I’m not sure what other response will fit a k-pad groove, but k-pads are just silicone pads that are popular and used in most YYF yoyos.

The string is good. You’ll need that.

You do not need a Koncave bearing. Some people like them, but they are definitely not needed.

If you don’t have any, thin lube is basically a must. It keeps your bearings working properly and can extend the life of the bearing. (As opposed to playing with it dry.)

It’s probably going to be unresponsive out of the box, but might not. You might just have to play with it for a while, which isn’t a big deal.

You can get shims, but it might give the PGM slippy binds. I would suggest leaving the shims out, unless you have another yoyo to use them on.

But Would A KK Fit?
Because My Friend Got One And It Soins For Like 10 Seconds+ Just Flicking It!

I Might Get One But Right Now Its Just
Shims For Ma Hitman, 100 Count String, Thin Oil And A KK (Maybe)

Any Other Luxurys Or Something?

I have stock cleaned and thinlubed YYJ large bearings that will spin longer than that and they are probably 3 years old. If you really want a better bearing then just buy a 10 ball. KK’s aren’t worth it unless you can’t work your yoyo correctly.

A Koncave would fit, but there’s plenty of other bearings that spin longer on a flick. Even my brand new SPEC, not broken in, spun for at least 13 seconds.

That’s all you would need.

If you get a stacked PGM you might wannt pick up some hub stack gear…

Umm stacked PGM’s come with stacks on them.

Im talking about the long stacks, and other neat stuff…

In my experience, all that extra stuff you can buy like long stacks and top tips just make the yoyo vibey. I suggest no.

Im Geting The one with the hubs,

but you know the spec bearing that fits pgm, do you get one of those with the pgm?
or are spec bearings better?

can someone please tell me what bearing will sping longest and fit a pgm

ps i would like it to be off this site but if not just let me know.

oh and ill check out the hubstack tech and look into it further later.

how about you guys make my order and let me know what you would get
obviously involving the green pgm and a good bearing:) :slight_smile:

Ummm…of course you get a spec with your PGM…also no bearing will make the yoyo spin the longest, it all depends on the throw.

Here’s what I would get:

Plastic Grind Machine

I would DEFENANTLY leave this stock, no need for an upgrade bearing, the SPEC it comes with is amazing. If you really want one, I reccomend the 10-Ball, but uits only sold on, and they don’t sell PGMs, s you’d have to pay extra shipping. And the long stacks don’t really do anything, they’re just…well…longer.

100 Strings

You’ll need these, 'nuff said.

Its all you really need right now. If you want, you can get some YoYoJam Thin Lube, its good to have so your bearing stays good for a long time.

ok ok
grind machine, 100 count string
and my mates getting thin lube so he will let me use it whenever needed
but should i still get it?
and my other friend would sell me his kk after i see if i like the spec so i have a choice but seriosly
when the heck is green coming back, its been ages now

oh and should i get anything else good?
like the hub technology???

You know what, I’ve broken this down to you at least two times. Just wait or buy another color, it shouldn’t be a big deal. There are 49 PGM’s in stock here, why are you hesitating? The play of the yoyo is exactly the same no matter what color it is.

thanks for the help:)

So Im Now Waiting for the pgm green to come in
but so you guys have any other sugestions?
please reply

To stop asking and just go for it? :wink:

I don’t have anything else. You should be good with what you’re planning to get.

I pm’ed you with a store that has them in stock. Hope I helped!