PGM help!

hey, I got a pgm like a month ago and just suddenly i threw it and it reacted like a freehand zero with the silicone pads wared down. why is this. I havent thrown it enough for the k pads to wear out so i’m completely clueless.

It IS just most likely that the pads have worn down. But if they haven’t, I assume it would be the bearing. Try being more clear about your problem, actually, you’re being very vague.

K-pads don’t last forever.

A month is a pretty good time for how long one should last. Get mew ones.

ok so my problem is that when i throw my yoyo it just slides down the string as if there wasn’t one. and I dont think i have used it enough for the k pads to wear down. so i am clueless why it would be doing that.

also how can you tell if the k pads are worn down.

You know when they’re worn down because when you feel it you should be able to feel the sticker to where the response is glue onto. It’s a bit like duncan friction stickers.
What you’re talking about sounds like you aren’t binding tightly or your PGM isn’t binding tightly. I recommen practicing your bind or just simply replacing the K-Pads.

Get new pads. That IS the problem.

You can tell when that happens. in the red up there.

if it isn’t the k-pads it’s probably a good idea to clean your bearing.

No, uncleaned bearings don’t do that. I should know, haven’t cleaned any of my bearings in a while.

well maybe the k-pads are worn out…all i know is i’ve had my PGM since worlds this year and the pads arent worn out yet. i do need to clean my bearing though… ::slight_smile:

Do you have a YYJ plastic? If so, make sure it is hybrid response. Take out the O-Ring and throw it down. Does it feel the same?