i have know idea where to put this but i got a pgm a few days ago and it wouldn’t spin more than 30 seconds some i took it apart and in the pads there is about 3 little nicks in them like they didn’t form right would that make a yoyo not spin long?and i have put a broken in ct in it and still does that

It wouldn’t make a difference at all really unless they were really sticking out. If that was the case, you could really feel them rubbing against the string, which I doubt is happening.

From your speaking of spin times I will assume you are new, just keep working on your throw as I don’t think the yoyo is the problem here.


i don’t think it is my throw i have been throwing for about a year so could it just be the diff. weight and shape from what im use to

Are the pads swelled looking? If they are then they got exposed to moisture, and should be replaced.

no they have like small “grooves” in them like going into them not out like they have been cut down put only im some places

Moisture really won’t do much at all. I’ve had my PGM in my shorts all day at a water park, and the bearing and pads were just fine. Just make sure it’s dried off before it’s left to sit for a long time.

I know from personal experience that they will swell if they ate directly exposed.

Back on topic if you feel like the pads play poorly switch them out.

Just change the pads and see if that takes care of it.

Did you check the bearing?

Unless you actually feel the string rubbing against the pads while spinning, it is probably your bearing or your throw.

got it fixed thanks

Going back to a few posts about water affecting response pads:

First, I can’t entirely see this. If they are adhesive backed and not a sealed fit to the response recess, then I could see the water penetrating and causing the adhesive to be less effective.

Depending on the material used, it might be somewhat porous.

However, if it’s flowable or RTV silicone, I can’t see how this would be affected by water or moisture since it’s supposedly waterproof. But I would assume perhaps incorrectly that most replaceable response systems are some sort of rubber or rubber-like product. I know some yoyos use cork pads

My only complaint about all this “quick to replace pads” is the costs. Granted, they last a long time and I’m not one to be cheap, but I kinda have an issue with swapping pads so quick. But I’m also moving to using flowable silicone in my yoyos that can use it going forward.

MY protostar’s pad’s swelled, and swelled. I geuss it did not like them. :-\

How lond did they swell? Maybe it was a “than time of the month” kind of thing?

My Popstar’s pads seem fine. But, I don’t go dunking my yoyos in a bucket of water either!

I had it for about two weeks when it happend. Yes, this is my only yoyo that this has happened to.

Ummm, so what was the problem.

It’s considered sorta considerate and all to say what the fix was after you come around asking for advice.

it kinda fixed it’s self i think it was just the diff. from my other throw

That can make sense. I change yoyos frequently so I never get too comfortable. I find this helps keep my throw more consistent in general as well as my technique. Plus, it gives me an excuse to throw more and enjoy my entire collection.