EDIT: Both FlipSide pads popped out on me


Figured i would use this thread instead of posting a whole new one

My response pads are BOTH gone, I’ve only owned the YoYo for about 5 days and out of no where, one of the two response pads popped out of it’s grove and i have NO idea how to fit it back in. The pad seems to be quite a bit larger than the grove to when i try to force it back in, there is quite a bit of extra pad that won’t fit. Not long after trying to play with one, the other pad popped out as well.

Anyone have any idea how to handle this? Do i need to get all new pads?

Are you sure that the bearing is in like you think it is?

Either you need to break it in (takes weeks), you put more than a drop of lube in, you have thick string or a narrow bearing.

Yes i believe it is, it still sleeps for about 40-45 seconds

I never knew ‘breaking it in’ was a thing, that must be it. I’m using 100% poly string and the concave bearing that it came with

Thank you everyone for the feedback!

Weirdly the problems seem to be very inconsistent… not long after making my last post the yoyo started behaving MUCH more like i would expect, i was actually able to land several plastic whips without issues… and then it started up again. Now it is returning with any slight tug, though it will still sleep for 40 seconds +

EDIT: It now is only sleeping for about 25 seconds… i have no idea whats going on. Did i potentially mess it up when i tried cleaning it?

My WAG is that you have an inconsistent throw, or maybe it’s still just breaking in, as previously mentioned.

Not to be defensive, but I don’t its my throw… When i first started having issues i actually timed myself sleeping the yoyo multiple times to get a good baseline, it would sleep about 40-45 seconds before i had to bind it, i would make sure the string wasn’t brushing the edge at all. Now, when i try to sleep it, I have to return it within 25 seconds (every time i sleep it). When i open it up the bearing spins for much less time than it originally did as well.

Does ‘breaking it in’ improve bearing performance? Should i try cleaning the bearing again? Thanks again for all the feedback

Did you remove the shields when you cleaned the bearing? Breaking in the bearing will normally improve bearing performance if there’s too much oil. If it keeps getting responsive you normally have to clean it though.

The bearing in the FlipSide did not have shields on it, so maybe i just need to break it in (as everyone has been suggesting).

When i washed it, i dropped the bearing into a contact case full of mineral spirits, shook it softly on and off for 5 minutes, let it dry on a paper towel for 5 minutes, spun on a pen to dry it out, and put a drop or 2 or oil in it before putting it back in. Is this the correct method?

Thanks for the advice!

When you lube it, a “drop or two” is waaayyyy too much. Take a pin and dip it in the lube to just coat the tip. Touch the tip of the pin to 2 of the balls and that should be plenty of lube.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! So do you think i should re-wash and apply that way?

I would, get her all cleaned up again and use a little lube as possible. When i first started cleaning mine using too much lube was a recurring habit that i had to break.

For what it’s worth I use a baby food jar to clean mine in. I vigorously shake that bad boy in mineral spirits. All my bearings are de-shielded, towel and pencil spin dry, then add a tiny bit of lube and it plays like butter.

Hope you get yours working properly.

Will do! Thanks again for all the help

If none of this works, just grab a new curved bearing. I have heard that the Duncan concaves can be a little inconsistent.

Thanks, what one would you suggest?

Not to high-jack phil’s response but I personally use CBC CenterTrac’s and Crucial’s grooved bearings.

I believe the dif-e-yo Konkave bearing is what came in the flipside, it’s probably one of duncan’s knockoffs but i could be completely wrong. I’ve tried the true Konkave’s and i had problems with it so it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Just my $0.02

Excellent, thank you. I just need to make sure if i get one it should be Size C correct? Will any Size C fit in the flipside without issue?

Yes. Make sure it is the concave spacer though, not the size a one.