EDIT: Both FlipSide pads popped out on me

I have lots of kk bearings that work amazing. I cleaned them and put a pins worth of lube so they r all ready to go. Pm me if u r interested in one.

Thanks Jbritter! I really appreciate the offer, but it ended up performing MUCH better once i continued to play with it… that said, i have another issue!!

My response pads are BOTH gone, I’ve only owned the YoYo for about 5 days and out of no where, one of the two response pads popped out of it’s grove and i have NO idea how to fit it back in. The pad seems to be quite a bit larger than the grove to when i try to force it back in, there is quite a bit of extra pad that won’t fit. Not long after trying to play with one, the other pad popped out as well.

Anyone have any idea how to handle this? Do i need to get all new pads?

No problem!

You need all new pads. They stretched out and useless now.

You need to buy replacement pads or flowable silicon. (Flowable is a cheaper option but requires a little more work seeing as u pour the silicon in the groove and have to scrape off the extra and let dry for a day)

I believe the pads are a press fit. You just need to encourage them a bit to go back in the recess.

p.s. It’s better to start a new thread for an entirely ne topic such as this. Less confusing.

can you really squeeze them back in? I’ve never had any luck trying to do that.

Thank you both for the reply, is it common for both to fall out this quickly? I’ve only been playing with it four days

I’ve not experienced that so quickly before with those kind of pads. Does the flip side have a typical recess? If so I’d expect it to last way longer than 4 days.

Yes, I believe so… It has a fairly deep grove the ring fit into

It’ll say the response type on the yye page of it.

This is what it says:

Duncan SG Stickers
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad
(Slim Pad Size)

Could ya say they flipped out on you? badum tss

lol… i would say so


The slim size

These are a couple options, there are much much more.

Ended up ordering a few and also reached out to Duncan about the issue (hoping they may toss a few my way as well). Thanks again for all the help man

Cool hope it all works out!