YYF PGM help please!

Okay so I am having some major problems with my YYF PGM. Wondering if anyone else has this problem. Every time I throw a sleeper, my string is lodging itself into the space between the bearing and one of the metal spacers in the yoyo. As a result, the circular plastic spot where the metal spacer goes has been worn down flat to the k-pad. I think this is why my string loop keeps sliding down into that space which kills my sleepers and essentially, forces me to stop playing. I have tried tightening the gap but it didn’t help. I am kind of frustrated about this and was wondering if this happened to anyone else. I have gone back to my trusty Dark Magic for the time being. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Is your spacer in the yoyo correctly? Also, are you sure your response system isn’t falling out?

Hey Samad, yes my spacer is in properly. It’s facing the right direction and I have even tried switching it around, but that messes up the string as well. The plastic groove that rises slightly above the the inner ring of the k-pad is worn down. I just replaced my pads 2 or 3 days ago. Using 100% poly, maybe that wore it out faster or something? Thanks for replying back.

Hm…can you take any pictures?

I can tomorrow, but I gotta go borrow my bro’s digital camera. If you take one of your metal spacers out and run your thumb on the inner circle, you can feel that the plastic is raised up a little so that the spacer snaps into place. One part of that inner circle, is worn down and I think that’s what is causing it. Sounds confusing I know!

Been completely drying your bearings out after cleaning them?

Never cleaned the bearing on this yoyo. Heard too many horror stories about the adverse consequences on the plastic cracking. Should I contact YYF about this? I have only had the yoyo 2 months and now it feels like it is broken. Now I am afraid to buy an 888… never had this kind of problem with any of my YYJ’s.

Ok, I’m looking at my PGM right now and I can see exactly what you’re talking about. It wouldn’t take much at all for the string to slip under the bearing if that plastic riser was worn down. I’m curious as to how that happened to you?

I can’t see any reasonable way to fix this one. Maybe you should contact YYF?

Anyone else have some ideas for him?

Sounds like String Slippage. The String is slipping in between the bearing and the bearing wall. A few of the PGM’s have this problem. This was also a problem with the first run of Velocities.
Contact Ben at benmcphee@yoyofactory.com
Be nice, and they will be nice back. Let him know that your PGM you recently purchased (also mention store and purchase date) is suffering from string slippage.

I will be honest, if you got this in a trade, or more then a month ago, then you are probably out of luck.

It happens, a few things like this will slip bye in every batch of mass produced yo-yo’s. One time I opened a FHZ in Package and it was missing the Bearing, and one spacer. It happens, no big deal.

Thanks guys for your information. I will contact that guy later on today and see what I can do about it. DocRobot, I assume it happened because the 100% polyester wore it down from the friction when it was spinning. I noticed it kept sliding down in that spot, and the yoyo immediately stopped spinning. All I know is that the plastic circle that the spacer fits into is now worn flat. Kind of irritating because it renders my yoyo useless. Haha and I just bought like 5 sets of pads for this thing last week too! Thanks again you guys for your help!

UPDATE: Emailed Ben at YYF and he offered to replace my PGM for free!!! He said that the earlier version of the PGM had thinner plastic in the area where the spacer sits, and that they have since changed this on all models being produced now. Amazing customer service! I am so happy that I don’t have to buy another one! Long live YYF!

DANG for FREE??? Lol, i sent mine back when it broke and they said I had to buy a new one lol…

Hmm…did yours have the same problem? Mine had a factory flaw which is why I think they are offering to replace it free of charge, since I technically wasn’t responsible for it breaking.

The axle broke… like when i first threw it, iot wobble like poop… but the axle was stuck in the hubstack part at an angle. So a factorty flaw.