PGM problem

So out of the box my pgm had like a dent in the hole of the spacer where the axle goes through. It was also responsive out of the box, and when I do a pull start, if I move my hand close to it, it grabs the string and comes back. I want to order a new bearing and new spacers, any other ideas? :-\

cleaning the bearing will help out with the responsive thing. also just putting the yoyo through its paces and breaking it in will help loads also.

The thing is, I don’t clean bearings. Don’t ask, I just don’t. So a new bearing will work? The spacers too?

If you really think there is something wrong with the yo send it back or contact yyf. If you contact yyf and send them pics they might just send you the parts.

You could clean hundreds of bearings for the cost of ordering a new one. It’s a very simple skill worth learning.

Just play with the yoyo a little more. Some pads start out responsive, and take a little while to break in.

So why do you think a new bearing will be any different. Most bearings come w/lube in them, so you will have the same problem more than likely.

just clean your bearing…
it would be like if I got a phone, and didn’t learn how to charge the battery, so I just bought a new battery every time it needed charging.

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You just described my in-laws. They don’t charge their phones, they just have a pile of dead phones. They get a new phone, break the charger or cable, and when it dies down, get a new one.

Regarding cleaning bearings:
Seriously. It’s easy. For like $8 in mineral spirits(a quart? 2 quarts? I forget what I got), that’s many many MANY bearing cleanings. I bought a tiny jar of baby food just so I’d have the jar so I don’t have to waste mineral spirits: 42 cents(serious).

All of us need to learn a few things:
1: How to take apart and put back together our yoyos
2: How to remove a bearing(as necessary)
3: How to clean a bearing.
4: Changing a string
5: Lubing a bearing(I know I’ll catch crap over this).
6: We should all considering knowing how to use flowable silicone for our response system.

Granted, you can get a fantastic Terrapin X Chrome for like $7.50, and maybe we should all have some spare bearings for just in case stuff. Still, we lube bearings, we need to clean bearings, and some bearings ship not so clean and need to be cleaned right away.

We don’t all need to be wasteful of money. Sure, some stuff here and there is OK. Having spare parts is a good thing, never know when you’ll need it. But “I don’t clean bearings”. Sorry, can’t help you there. What if you get another bearing and it also needs cleaning? You just gonna buy bearing after bearing until you can build a skyscraper out of them?

I agree, cleaning a bearing is a must have skill if you intend to continue yoyoing, bad doing unresponsive play. It’s super easy to do, and you can’t really mess it up. You might as well give it a go. There’s a super easy tutorial if you just hit the searchbar and look :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll give cleaning it a shot. It’s just the first ( and last) time I ever cleaned a bearing, it was my sunset nxg. It dried, and it was then super responsive, and unless I really threw it, it didn’t sleep. Is that how bearings are supposed to work after their cleaned? And also, does the dented spacer affect anything?

Sounds like you messed up the job.

Search the maintenance section - Here: List of useful modification and maintenance guides

There’s some good tutorials there.

Specs come dry.

I don’t know about the dented spacer problem, I haven’t ever seen one dented. Like studio42 said everybody has to know certian skills before they get real serious in yoyoing. You need to know how to

clean and de-sheild a bearing.
remove bearings without damaging them.
make slipknots and attach them to other strings.
lube bearings.
definitly learn how to silicone a yoyo.
you also need to learn certian jargon that goes on in this yoyo world we have like, sili, poly, ano, tune a yoyo, silicone a yoyo, satin a yoyo, polish yoyos and there are probably some more that I am forgeting. You will get it eventually, hope just cleaning the bearing works.

Yes, but most others don’t.

Oh, sorry I missed the “some”.

NitendoYo, you should try compressed air.

If your spacer is dented, your bearing might not be sitting right, causing it to not spin properly. I wouldn’t waste money on a new bearing when it is probably just the spacers. Unless of course you wanted to replace it with a kk or something. That, I would recommend for a PGM, since they tend to tilt a lot. Also, try stopping the triangles a couple mm before they meet. That might kill some responsiveness.