888x came today =D But I need a little help with it...

I really like it so far, but I have a few questions about it.

1.) It seems as if the binds are incredibly tight. will this fix over time as the pads wear down a little?

2.) It doesn’t sleep for more than like 2 minutes (I’m expecting this to get better over time. As I recall… my GM2 wasn’t too hot when I got it either but it got way better within a week).

3.) The string catches in the gap occasionly if I keep the string loose. Will this fix with some use too?

Thanks ^ _ ^

  1. The pads will wear down after a while.

  2. As you play with it, the sleep time will get better.

  3. It might just be because your pads are still so new, the string might be getting caught in the gap because the pads are so grippy.

Okay. Thanks. I figured it was in the brand new pads’ grip.

And… is there a reason that it slightly turns to the right when I use it? (It might be my throw but it doesn’t do that with any of my other yoyos). I’m going to try a KK to see if it’ll fix it, but I like to use the bearing that the yoyo comes with.

The KK fixed the tilting (sorry for the double post)

it also rotates naturally but doing tricks will keep it straight