Question re: being able to rotate the string around the bearing when the string is tightly bound

Got a yoyo the other day, and even when the string is fully and tightly wound, I can still pull on the string loop and make the string rotate around the bearing.

The yoyo is brand new, and it is a new model from MagicYoyo. I assumed the issue is the string gap, but it could be the response pads, I suppose. The yoyo binds well, though less reliably at slower speeds, and it sometimes can be slippy during play.

Since the string gap can’t be changed, I’ve thought about using a thicker string like Kitty Fat, or removing the response pads and using flowable clear or red silicon.

First time dealing with this, so thought I would put this out to see if the above ideas are what I should try first, or if I should start with something else.


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Breaking in the pads through play or trying different strings are good options to try.

I had a similar problem just not as severe I switched to kitty fat and it fixed it

Certain pads can be a little slick when new. After they’re played a bit, they wear some, and thus work better. As stated above, a different string may help.

You can also try taking a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol, and clean the pad. That will remove any oils that may have gotten on the pad. Just don’t soak it so much that the alcohol gets to the adhesive holding in the pad, or the pad might come loose.

Just curious how you can tell that the string is rotating around the bearing rather than turning the bearing itself and probably unwinding at the same time.

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Thanks, everyone. Much appreciated!

Change the string, if problem persists I would clean and lube the bearing.

Thoroughly cleaned the bearing, so it that is good to go

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So you have cleaned the bearing, tried a different string and… your results are… ?

Tried a few different strings. There wasn’t a great deal of difference until I got to one, which was an extra string that came with another recent purchase, a 91Yoyo Star Legend - a Chinese yoyo that comes in packaging very similar to some Auldey yoyos. It held the best, and was perfectly acceptable, but - haha - those strings are pretty short :slight_smile:

What I’ll do for now is continue to play with it with the Kitty String. If things don’t break in as mentioned above, I’ll carefully clean the pads. I’m imagine things will work out, but if not, I can try Kitty Fat, or flowable silicon, or even branch out and try my first attempt at making my own string for it.

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Magicyoyo pads are very slippy.

The problem being described as I read it doesn’t have anything to do with a clean or dirty bearing. It’s the response and string.

@SwissArmyTenor Try a fatter string if one is available to you. I think that’ll fix the problem.