Long sleepers and strange string tension


I’m pretty new (only been messing around for about a month) and I’m having problems getting long sleepers. What I’m finding is that the yoyo is beginning to rotate anti-clockwise looking down on it after about 30 seconds of sleeper and by just over a minute the string is hitting one wall and the yoyo eventually stalls and begins to UFO. I have caught the yoyo just before it stalls and checked string tension and it is very slightly tight but I wouldn’t have thought it to have been troublesome.

I get rid of tension either by spinning the yoyo or holding the yoyo without the string on my finger and pulling down the string to untwist it but the yoyo still rotates.

I have worked out that if I wind the yoyo with the string attached to my finger after getting rid of string tension that I actually tighten it by winding so I’ve tried winding without the string attached but this didn’t seem to help either.

I’ve also found that loosening the string to the level that it begins to not itself up when I slacken the string, then wind has allowed me to throw a sleeper that lasted about 3 minutes 45 seconds but I’m sure I shouldn’t be playing with a string that knots itself up like that.

Anyone got any advice for a complete beginner?

For reference, I’ve been using a Dark Magic 2 with responsive bearing for about a month and have switched in the last week or two to unresponsive and I’m using a KK bearing.

I wouldn’t worry about this issue other than worker on a strong, straight throw. You have no reason to need your yoyo to sleep for over 3 minutes unles you’re doing combos longer than most pros, which you’re not because you’re still beginning, and you could use regens if you were.

Happy yoyo day

Every yoyo will do that. If you let a yoyo sleep at the end of the string then it will begin to rotate, weather or not it is on a flat bearing or a kk. If you do tricks while it is spinning then it will not rotate because the string will be hitting the side of the yoyo and keep it balanced. There is nothing to worry about, just practice alot.

Thanks for the advice. Which way do you advise me to have the string for now? Without tension or with the tension that sleeps longer but twists up?

You allways want your string to not have tension, it will mess up your binds and not to mention it will mess up most of your slack tricks, when you have some slack tricks.