String tension question

Hey everyone, I’ve got a quick question dealing with string tension. Every time the yoyo returns to my hand, the string gets looser and looser. I know how to fix the tension, but it seems that even one sleeper loosens the string so much. It doesn’t spin out on me because it doesn’t die unlike the tutorial about UFO/String tension so it’s not that. So, is this normal? How can I fix it? Did I put the string on incorrectly?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

You just open the loop at the end of the string. Then loop it over the yoyo and you’re done. Shouldn’t be the problem though. Every time you throw a sleeper, the string gets tighter. But rarely does a string get looser with a sleeper. Anyways, yes a sleeper does change the tension, but not much.
Can you define the words “so much”?

Are you left handed? Store bought string gets tighter if you throw it with your right hand and gets looser if you throw goofy. For example if you looped with both hands your yoyo on the left would unwind the string and would fly off.your right yoyo would tighten till it the yoyo basically doesn’t work.

I just untwisted the string to open the loop, then put it through the yoyo. That is the proper way right?

I made sure there was no string tension then threw a sleeper, let it spin for 10 seconds, then binded it back to my hand. Then checked the string tension, it twisted quite a lot, and it was loose, not tight. I would have to throw the UFO to the right and let the yoyo die as it fixes the tension. Hard to describe for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using string bought from yoyoexpert, 100% polyester. And I’m right handed. So I’m wondering why it gets loose instead of tightening.

Thanks for the responses though! :smiley:

Yes that is the right way. But that’s just too much of weirdness you have. Cause 1 sleeper can’t cause so much tension. Try changing to another string.

Is it a new string?

I find sometimes a brand new string takes a while to “settle down”.

As a righthander, a string will get tighter one half-turn if you throw a sleeper, so if you’ve been playing with the same string for longer than 15mins and it still get looser or you have drastic tension issues, something is seriously weird!

Yes, it is a new string. I replaced an older one because the same tension problem happened when I played with it. It didn’t at the start though. Now, even the new string loosens a lot when I throw.

Could you make a video? Like at the start of the video, show that the tension is normal. Then throw a sleeper and then get it back to your hand. Now show the tension again.

Video help is probably the 2nd most effective way to solve any problem.

I use right-handed string 50-50 string, but my loopers do the opposite. My right hand loosens the tension and my left hand tightens the tension.

Also oddly enough, whenever I 1a yoyo as usual, my twirls and swirls etc tighten my tension a lot, but it is usually after a long combo or a series of throws without loosening it. Then again, I incorporate a LOT of trapeze mounted tricks (I just mean sideways and not straight out in front of me).

^ Correct, if you are doing inside loops. Outside loops will do the opposite.

Even tricks like suicide will twist the string once each time you do it.

He’s not doing a suicide or a looping trick. He’s throwing a sleeper and the tensions is messing up.

I will try to post a video when I get the chance.

The pack of string I bought did come in wet with the thin lube that also came with it. Could that have screwed it up or something? New string from the same package creates the same tension problem. Could I be putting the string on incorrectly? Am I untwisting the loop too much?

Just some thoughts I have in mind. Any more help is appreciated. :smiley:

Hmmm…it’s perfect. Yeah, I’ll wait for the video cause thats the only way I can analyze.

I fixed it, there was something wrong with the slip knot I made. It’s all good now. Thanks!

it is the oppisite in looping. tighter on your left while looser on your right. it is tighter on your right in 1 a and loser on your left in 1a. get facts right :wink:

Never mind, mine still continues to loosen whenever I throw a sleeper. I’ll try to get a video up soon so you guys can see.

I knew it! I new that you string wasn’t fixed yet. Cause no string can loosen with play if you are playing with your right hand.

So I was going to make a video to show this, but then the string didn’t loosen like I said it did. All I did was take the string off and put it again, I don’t think I did anything different? I then played with it for a good amount of time (30~40 mins) until I got a knot. Took out the string, fixed the knot, put it back on. It starts to loosen. Confused.

It couldn’t perhaps be the way you are winding the yoyo?

If you pinch the string on the right and wind to the left - you will be loosening the string, which could be what results in awkward tension of just one throw.

Instead of winding, make sure the tension is neutral and then try starting the yoyo with a flick.

Yeah outside loops not inside sorry.

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