How do I?

So I just got my first yoyo. A velocity and my string seems to keep getting stuck and wrapped around other strings. How do I fix it and It seems hard to do gravity pull. Doesnt go all the way to my hand. :confused:

Wait, how many strings do you have on one yoyo? :smiley:

As for the gravity pull, you may have it set to semi-responsive, try twisting the caps to make the gap smaller. That should help.

I have one but after a sleep it becomes twisted and sometimes after a sleep the yoyo spins.

The string is actually twice as long as it looks and is folded in half and twisted together, so, maybe your string tension needs work.

Also, when the yoyo sleeps, that means it’s spinning.

if this post is not some joke…

the string my be too tight but if that was the case it may not have slept so take off the string and put on another and see if the same thing happens. in which case we can give you instructions on how to put on a string.


Take the end of the string off your finger and let it spin till it stops. Then try again.

Yep it’s all the string tension.

Eventually you’re learn how to adjust it without taking the string off your finger. But until then try what Logi said above.

im notta noobzilla but i still relieve my string tension by doing what logi says, its how i can always know that im starting back from ground zero

Especially while playing responsive, I often take the loop off the finger and let it go back to neutral.

The Velocity will also let you set a gap that’s just a bit TOOooo narrow. I would back it off a few clicks and see if you like it better.

Just let the string dangle before your eyes while it’s still connected to the yoyo. If the string spins around each other than you need some work still. If it spins left, it’s too tight, and vice versa.

I assume you hand-wound the string manually?
Yoyo strings have “twisted lines” that goes diagonally. If the lines are close each other it’s tight, the next time you wind the string do it backward to loosen it up. If the lines are far each other it’s loose, the next time you wind the string do it forward to tighten it up.

I agree with others. It sounds like a tension problem. Each time you throw the yoyo, you induce a twist to the string, so if you throw it several times in a row it the natural twist of the string will tighten if you are right handed (or loosen if you are left handed). It’s kind of like a phone cord and it will kink up after enough twisting one way or the other.

If you are right handed, you can wind the yoyo backwards, that is, start under the bottom instead of over the top when winding. That will give you several extra throws before the string twist starts tightening too much.

When it does get too much tension in the string, you can take it off your finger and let it dangle to let all of the tension out of the string or you can let the dead yoyo hang from your finger and spin the yoyo to neutralize the tension. When you get a little further along in your experience, you can learn to adjust the tension while the string is still on your finger with one of a few different tricks.