Having problems with my YoYo


My first YoYo came today, a Journey. However I am having quite a few problems with it already and I can’t seem to deal with them.

The first would be that my Journey won’t return to my hand when I tug the string. I’ve tried tugging it softly and with more force [enough force to make the yoyo bounce up and down on the string] but it is really hard to get it to return.
The second is that my Journey seems to be leaning to one side when I put it in a sleeper. I’m not really sure why but it is causing the YoYo to touch the string which I’m guessing is slowing the sleeper down.
The third problem I’m having is the string keeps getting twisted.
The fourth is my string keeps twisting and wrapping around itself after a couple of sleepers.
The final problem is I am not sure how tight I’m meant to twist the yoyo at the moment it is tightened as much as it will go.

Could anyone help me with these problems?
Many thanks


1st. Your yoyos bearing might have broken in…this means your yoyo is unresponsive ( wont come up without a tug). I suggest to learn a bind to make the yoyo come back up (its just a simple trick u do to make your yoyo come back)heres a link to a vid : http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/030-intermediate-bind-returns.html. If you dont like to learn a bind yet and want it to be responsivve I suggest to use YYJ Thick Lube to make your yoyo more responsive (to make it come back with a tug) here: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/thick-lube/ you just need to put some drops on the bearing. Look at it at http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/410-maintenance-lube.html

2nd. That is just normal to a yoyo, yoyos tend to lean on one side sometimes, just try practicing your straight throws.

3rd. Your string keeps getting twisted because of tension. More tension comes to the string the more often you use it. ( in some cases , some other tricks makes your string loose)

4th and 5th. The more you play with your yoyo the more tension with go to the string. Look at this to see some method to reduce tension: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/017-intermediate-string-tension.html.

If u meant by tightening the yoyo, just tighten it until your twisting stops, do not over tighten your yoyo or else you could break your yoyo or something else bad will happen. here is a link to how to tighten your yoyo http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/413-maintenance-over-tightening.html

Hope it helped

Just dont forget to have fun while playing ;D

-Kenz ;D


Thanks that helped quite alot. The problem with the leaning is it leans to one side even when it isnt spinning. Like now for example my yoyo is suspended by the string on a hook in my room, it isn’t spinning or moving but it is still leaning to one side.


ahh ok…
its just still normal for a yoyo to lean on one side even its not spinning because the string is not really in the center of the bearing, the string could go to the left, to the right or to the middle. Its just all about the string, dont worry there is no problem with your yoyo, it will play very well. Just practice your sleeper then your all good and ready for other tricks to learn.



Ahh thanks for that I was starting to think my yoyo was broke. Does it matter if I don’t keep my string in the center or do I need to keep pushing it in the center?
I think I have a final question and it may sound very silly, as my yoyo seems to be a little unresponsive. Is it still possible to do gravity pull?
And if it is should I master this before I move on to the sleeper?
Thanks for you advice

(JonasK) #6

Keeping the string centered is always a good idea. And yes, you can do gravity pull on an unresponsive yoyo.

Addment: Changing the string might make your yoyo more responsive. Depending on how worn the string is.


get some thick lube from here or use some homegrown stuff, and just practice your throw for a while, it will eventually become natural and easy.


Yes, centered strings help. But don’t be too worried about it, it won’t affect your play much.

You CAN do gravity pull on an unresponsive yoyo like a hitman or dark magic, but you probably won’t be able to do it on high end metals. If I were you, i would just skip gravity pull and go straight to sleeper. Master sleeper, because gravity pull is hard for beginners to perform.

(Mark) #9

Wait you can? My Speeder is impossible to do Gravity Pull. Was yours tightened?


Nah, you have to pull up when you’re half way unwound. So when its halfway down, jerk it up and it will come up with practice ;D I might prove it with my meteor…

(Mark) #11

Lol. Thats lame! It’s not a full gravity pull! XD