My new yoyo

Hi everyone I am new to yoyoing and I purchased the fast 201. I heard great things about this yoyo so that’s why I got it,but it hasn’t been so great for me. I keep trying to do simple string tricks like the elevator trick every time I get it on the string when I pull up it won’t budge. I don’t if its the string or the yoyo or I pull up and it stops spinning could you guys please help me.

Is it making a grinding sound? Try screwing it together more. I think the colored bits and the clear bits have to be opposite each other (if that makes sense)

You problem is that the yoyo is unresponsive. Quote from YYE FAQ.

“I throw my yo-yo but it just spins at the bottom of the string. I can’t get it back to my hand.
What kind of yo-yo was purchased? Was it an intermediate or advanced style yo-yo? These string trick yo-yos are built to play unresponsive when the bearing is clean - they ship with a clean bearing so they are meant to not return with a tug. Unresponsive play is actually what has made all these tricks we do today possible so it is really the best way to play with yo-yos.
People actually learn what is called a “bind” return to get the yo-yo back to your hand since we now play with yo-yos completely unresponsive. Here are some videos about unresponsive play and the bind return”:

Fast 201 requires no bind return.

Try screwing it tight. Then try…

Are you sure your talking about the right yoyo? With those thick teeth it cant really be unresponsive…

So, you do elevator, but the yoyo spins out when you start to pull up?

Yeah when I pull up it spins out

Without a doubt the worst yoyo i’ve ever played.

If it’s spinning out when you’re pulling up, it’s usually because:

1: You didn’t throw it hard enough to give it sufficient spin for it to return fully.

2: You took too long to do a trick or sleep it or some combination of those two.

3: A combination of 1 & 2

The Fast 201 is responsive. It’s not a great yoyo but it will get you started. You’re new. Keep at it, you’ll get it. You just need to make that throw stronger and straighter, work on your basic front throw, then sleeper, then gravity pull. Once you feel OK with those(which are all tied together) start working on rock the baby and walk the dog. Once you feel good with those returning to your hand, add in Jamaican Flag and Eiffel Tower.

Progress happens in stages. Don’t worry about not progressing quickly. However, you should be up to all those tricks within a week.