Responsive YoYos being unresponsive


I wasn’t sure whether to ask this here or in the yoyo tricks section, but since I’m not asking about a single trick in particular, it seemed best here.

I’ve purchased a Kickside and most recently a YYF One and YYJ Classic. None of these have returned with a simple tug back to my hand. I’ve had to use tons of looping lube to get them more responsive (a drop or two did nothing). Am I doing something wrong or is that usual? My sleeping times, partly as a result, end up sucking. I can’t even finish Brain Twister before my yoyo dies. What can I do? Why are these yoyos seemingly so unresponsive to my tug?


You could be using very old or very thin string. Both make it difficult for the yoyo to return. Try putting on a new string to see if it helps.

If it doesn’t, change the response pads. Response pads get less effective as they get worn down.


Hi, thank you very much for the reply! The string should be fine. It’s slick 6 50/50 and it’s new. The yoyos are also new or barely used.


What yoyo are you using? If its the Velocity you can adjust the gap for more response


Hello and thanks for the reply. My Velocity, adjusted to be responsive, does come back to my hand. I only get about ten seconds of sleep-time, though, but that’s another issue. The yoyos I was trying were the Classic, the One and the Kickside. I have a DM II in the mail and I’m worried I’ll have the same problem with that.


When I was at your level I used the ONE to learn on and its fine for me. With the classic’s o rings and slim bearing you shouldnt have any problems getting it back to ur hand especially with thick lube. I never tried the kickside but it should work the same as the ONE.

Unless your a total newbie that is working on gravity pull then i dont know what the problem could be. If you’re in the intermediate section starting to go into tye advanced section of this site, you should probably just start learning to bind, thats when i started. I learned the bind on the Velocity since its easier then on the ONE since the bearing is smaller and gap is slimmer


It sounds like it may just be that your throw isn’t hard enough. Try a nice hard straight down throw and give a tug.