responsive yoyo not needed


hello everyone, I am using a yoyojam speeder which has a O-ring and starburst response system(before I loved my yoyo because it was unresponsive and i could do wicked tricks)and I recently changed the string but the string was kindda fat and now my yoyo is responsive which means i cannot do any tricks right and also the string always touches the O-ring and my yoyo spins for a bit now…how do I improve it???


What kind of string are you using? You just have to break into the string. Just play for a while, and eventually you will wear into the string and it will become thinner.

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If the string is rubbing against the response, make sure the gap is as wide as possible. But I really think that you’ve done that already.

Addment: If you keep the string centered with the widest gap possible you need about 2-2.5 mm thick string to rub the response. What kind of string have you gotten?


what I don’t get is how do I adjust the gap??? ???


Can you answer my question on what type of string you have?

Anyway, you just untwist the yoyo a bit. Make sure that you screw in the yoyo before putting on the string.


i have this yellow colour string but i don not know what it is made of


omg i did what you told me to… I adjusted the gap and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

thx alot
(by the way the trick I was learning was the mcbridge’s roller coaster and the yoyo used to shoot up at the one and a half mount) thx alot