I just got a go big today. It’s extremely responsive. When I watch a video on trick tutorials and I try, it responds and comes back to my hand. Any ideas why or how I can fix this? :pensive:

You’re doing it offstring, right?

The pads probably have to break in if your doing it offstring, like you’re supposed to.

Also, thinner strings are awesome for offstring.

Try kitty slims. Work great. :slight_smile:

You can:

Clean the bearing.

Twist it apart a bit

Silicone it.

Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily all of it.

4A throws are supposed to be response as compared to 1A throws. Also, just get used to 4A, don’t rush it. Relax and enjoy!

yea, I’m doing offstring. The only string I have access to is 100% polyester from yoyoexpert for now.

That will work great!

Alright. It feels like I’m breaking my knuckles constantly. The only trick I can do is barrel rolls.

Like Studio42 said.

Might want to loosen it a little bit, I think you might want to get shims, also clean the bearing.

Shims? Sorry, I’m fairly new.

I would loosen it. Meaning, unscrew it a little bit. If I screw my Fiesta halves all the way together I can barely land it on the string without t responding.

I tried loosening it. A bunch of times. If I did it anymore, The string would fall on the axle. Not working :pensive:

The Fiesta XX has a really narrow gap, but a clean bearing. See what cleaning the bearing in a big yo will do.

Cleaning the bearing does nothing, because its not connected to the string. It will just make it spin longer. The response/gap is what makes it responsive.

Doesn’t work >.<


Thanks! I’m gonna try them out.