response pads?

I was wanting to make a few of my throws a tad more unresponsive. What form of response would be best to do so?

What specific yoyos did you have in mind? It’ll help if we know what you’re using.

Most modern unresponsive yoyos should be unresponsive enough. The most common reasons for a modern throw to start acting responsive are a combination of:

  1. Overly lubed/dirty/faulty bearing
  2. Small gap/thick string
  3. Grippy response pads

That being said, to blanket-answer your question I’ve found that Yoyofactory’s Red ‘Competition’ pads seem to be their least ‘grippy’, and wear pretty quickly.

However these are designed to fit Yoyofactory yoyos so you’ll need to check if yours is compatible with response pads of this size.

Really, cleaning the bearing and using a thinner string are your best options with most modern throws. :slight_smile:

I use poly kitty string. I was wanting to change my yyo pads and yyf. Yeah I usually keep the bearings well maintained

how many seconds of spin do you get by hand flicking/string lashing the bearing?

Idk roughly 17-20 seconds usually

What kind of yoyo do you have?