Back into Yo'ing - question about responsiveness

Yoing is an in-and-out hobby with me. Last time I got out a number of years ago, most yoyos were generally responsive, so I’m used to a yo coming up with a tug - some require a bigger tug than others, of course.

These last few days I’ve learned a bit about all the unresponsive yoyo available now. Might have to learn to bind!

Anyway, after doing some reading on the net, it seemed that the Duncan Metal Drifter would be a good choice for something good for string tricks, but still having some response.

I was kind of surprised - it has no response (by my old definition - and this could be a key!). Won’t return to my hand once thrown - no matter how high I tug the yo. The instructions say to replace the silicon stickers if they feel smooth - well, they feel real smooth…but they’re new. Hmmm… Have to assume they’re doing what they are supposed to do.

So, either the definition of “responsiveness” has morphed a bit over the last few years - from what I remembered it as, anyway. Or, there may be an issue with the yo.

So I just wanted to check with you here - I could get some thick lube and maybe a thicker string - or just keep working with it under the assumption that this yo is not really supposed to return on its own (though I didn’t get that impression from snooping around) and learn to return it by other means.

I’d be grateful for any thoughts you might have.


It’s fine! You’ll know when it’s time to replace it (insert cryptic voice and stare here.) Once it’s worn down enough it will be difficult to return, even with a bind and you’ll notice the pads concaving, most likely close to the bearing seat.

Thanks for the response!

I did note that in the description here on this site, it says it is fairly unresponsive out of the box. But responsive to me is going to be a lot different than responsive to someone who spends their time with one of the current unresponsive yos. Gonna take some time for my brain to get back up to speed!

Time to check out binding. Only been back into it a couple of days - don’t even know what that looks like!

A cool yoyo to get you in the groove is the YoyoFactory Velocity. It has a dial on the side and you can adjust the response from straight responsive to totally unresponsive. Nifty little throw that is inexpensive.

the yoyo will start slipping more than usual on your binds is the best way. You’ll feel it catch but then it’ll just slip. That’s when you change pads

Watch the Bind Returns video in the Learn section here. There is a bind at about 1:30 in the video that is easy to learn and reliable. You’ll get it within an hour if you are experienced with responsive yoyos. Within a few days (depending on time spent per day), you’ll be quite good at it. You’ll be glad you did. I just came back to yoyo less than 2 months ago after almost 20 years away, and am loving the unresponsive play.

Thanks for the responses. Watched the video, did a bind! For some reason, I imagined it to be a more complicated move - imagine that there are probably more complicated ways of doing a bind, but still…

Thanks for all the help! Nice to know I won’t be needing to limit my choice of yoyos :slight_smile:

There are some very complicated binds, and you will learn them, but the basics are pretty easy. Enjoy the new world…

i re-silicone my throw whenever the ‘pad’ flys out of it Dx i dont even know if this is normal but yeah for me they fly off before they stop working.i use flowable

Same here.