K pads just fell out

i was playing with my new DV888 and the pads just kinda fell out. When i get new k pads will they have sticky stuff on them? What do you think went wrong with my pads?

My K pads came with the sticky stuff on them when I got them.

It happens. The pads fall out eventually.

It’s due to wear and tear. Don’t worry, it’s fine.

the thing that worries me is that i havnt even had it for a month

If you’ve been playing it a lot then it happens. It’s supposed to come with that glue on the back so that means you’ve been wearing away the glue with your tricks. I’ve had my PGM since October but I don’t play it as much as my Legacy.


  1. Get New K-Pads
  2. Put Flowable Silicone (recommended by a lot of people)
  3. Get some O-Rings that might fit.

as the pad gets old it will eventually fall out

As a general rule, YoYoFactory is behind the game as far as response goes. The new CBC pads are decent, but I haven’t had a single one that holds silicone well.