K-Pad Help

Well my k-pad on my die nasty is going in around the bearing it just dissapeard look

edit: picture is not showing help

It wore out, and tore into pieces…

Get mew ones, You’ll be set.

Also, I don’t really need to see the pics, I know what you’re talking about. It has happened to me.

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ohh alrite because i have some extras but it hasn’t been that long since i got it but ill change them

How long?

If you use it a lot, A month or so is average.

around september 10 is when i got it

Maybe they were defected ones.

I wouldn’t worry. Just replace them and keep on playing.

thanks and since this is my first yyf ive never put new ones on how do you make sure to try not to have it sticking out or going in

Going in is fine ussually.

Just put it in as straight as possible, if it is sticking out, try poking it in.

Also, I have lost several K-Pads, Chaz pads, etc… to this mistake; Make sure the area you’re putting the pad in is clear of whatever was in it last.

thanks very much i think you should be september expert :wink:

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