K pad installation?

how do I put the kpad o ring back into the groove? it won’t go in…i’m having to many problems with this yoyo…

Peel the paper part off and put it in the groove. Did you get the right size?

no it popped out of the groove, I’m guessing i’m going to have to buy new pads? its annoying i just got the yoyo on sunday…

The K pad that keeps poping out, is it the original? if so the adheasive might have just broken down. When I first got my DV888 the K pads stayed put for about a month, but the time depends on how had and long you play with the yoyo that has the pads. If you dont want to buy anymore k pads you can put in some flowable silicone or rtv both are very good substitutes for the k pad system.
Check out this thread for response alternatives.