My DV888's Kpads

I just got my Dv888 in the mail and its really nice. The K-pads are pretty good, sometimes it takes a few tries to bind, but if I make sure to do it hard I can get it back up. They do not snag and are completely unresponsive.

My Question:

My Dv888’s Kpads are perfect as of now, but I fear soon they will begin to wear out and will be too unresponsive and tough to bind with.

When this happens should I replace it with silicone? I have 4 spares so maybe I should just replace it?
How long will the Kpads last until I will need to replace them?


Bind harder, since it has a huge gap it is less responsive, roll when you bind, it helps a lot

What do you mean by roll while I bind? Can you go into more detail. Thanks.

you know in vids that Andre made, when he binds he puts a extra layer to bind better. like that, you don’t have to do it exactly like andre but rolling like that can help you bind

o so put and extra layer.

Wiith light play, K-Pads last from 1-2 months.
If you have silicone, I suggest you do replace it with silicone. Silicone is an awesome response that allows for tight binds and unresponsive play. However, K-Pads do the same job so it really doesn’t matter.

Ok. I tried double wrapping and it works fine. All is good, except sometimes theres a big loop that sticks out after a completed bind, but I think there is no cure for that. Thanks guys.

well that happens with regular binds too. it just means that the slack is to much when you bind. the more slack you have, the better it comes up, but the bigger the loop will be.

I agree totally. I read more reviews on it after I got mine and even the good reviews mentioned it becoming difficult to bind after a few days. And yeah, If ya say it like you mean it, you’ll always get it back even if you have to reach for a double wrap. I like the feel of the k-pads for sure. I’m gonna keep mine in until they just stop working. Then I’ll silicone it and hope that it feels as good. HOw about that bearing!? whoo! It’s sick. I’m keeping it stock for as long as I can.

yeah the bearing is so sweet. hopefully the bind wont be to slippery that a double wrap wont cure it. if i silicone it will it be completely unresponsive and bind better? just wondering because i am new to silicone.

Well, K-Pads will make the yoyo cmpletely unresponsive too. People tend to silicone their yoyo with o-rings more often and leave the k-apds in (or silicone the k-apds too :slight_smile: )
If binds are slippery, force the loop more into the gap. DOule Wrapds will work almost all the time. And if they don’t, switch the pads.

Thanks guys I think I will stick with the K-Pads. I read in a few places to put an extra K-Pad on 1 side to make the response flush. When yoyoers say flush, they mean flush with the bearing seat, not the body, right? My K-Pads are slightly below the bearing seat. Also would putting an extra on one side help binds and still keep it unresponsive? Thanks again everyone.

Isn’t the bearing seat part of the body???

But flush as in even in height to the metal directly next to it. So if you look at the gap, it’s not like |____|, it’s just like ________, all flat, without a dip going into the response.

Yes. The bearing seat it part or the body was I mean is that the edge of the bearing seat is slightly above the kpads. Then the kpad and the outside body are flush. In any matter, do you think I should stack on another kpad?

I would give it a few days before jacking with it at all. Mine got slippery for a day or two, but now it’s snappy. but, do whatever you wanna try. even if you siliconed it a few times and didn’t like it, you could put the pads back in.

Putting an extra pad on one side would do nothing for you. It might increase the response instead of lowering it. One pair of K-Pads would be just enough.
Flush means when you stroke your fingers over the K-Pads and the body, both should be leveled with each other.

i would like to increase response.

You might try different kinds of string to see what works best. maybe try 50/50’s
You could also “Thick Lube” the bearing. look around and see if you have some 3-in-1 household multi-purpose oil. if you want more response, this would be safe to try.

If you do the extra k-pad, be sure to tell us what that does.

Another question dealing with K-Pads. The Protostar has those horrible CBC pads, and I really want to do something about it. I have some 888 sized K-Pads, so I was wondering if those would fit. Thanks.

888 Pads, are bigger in diameter and thinner than the CBC pads so it most likely won’t fit.
What’s so bad about the CBC Pads. I believe CBC Pads are smaller versions of K-Pads.
The ones in my Counter Attack are awesome.