888 silicone

(Derek) #1

I just got my 888 in the mail, and i love it, but i was wondering how often will the silicone need to be replaced (i play a couple hours a day), and do i replace it just the same as i would with a friction sticker?


You will know to change it, usually when the K-Pads fall out. You have the 09 Version, right?

Also, you wont need to change it like a sticker, usually. If you are referring to the Friction Stickers as those found in Duncan yoyos, such as the Freehand Zero then you will not have to change them that often.

if you are simply referring to pads, you will probably be replacing them not as frequently. There is no estimated time for when to change it. If you feel that the level of play you are getting does not satisfy you (such as loose binds) then it might be a good idea to change it.

(Derek) #3

ya, i have the 888 slash colour. and i was refering to duncan friction stickers


rip the k-pads out now and flowable sili it

it plays hellabetter after sili’ing it

(Derek) #5

What do you mean flowable silicone?


Its a form of siliconing. Don’t worry about it. I suggest sticking with the K-Pads.

And yes, if will last much longer then Duncan Friction Stickers


samad have you tried the 09 888 with sili?


Nope. But the fact that he doenst know about flowable sili yet proves to me that it would be easier to stick with K-Pads


yes, the K-pads will last a long time and are my favorite response. Perfect.

(Derek) #10

ok thanks