k-pads for a DV888

Hi again,
I was just wondering how often people change the k-pads in their yoyo’s.
How long do they usually last?
Should have I ordered a couple of pairs when i ordered my DV888.

Mine lasted me about a month. It would have lasted longer if I hadn’t ripped it out and siliconed it, but I think 1-2 months is good.

I don’t think K-Pads are worth it. I would rather just buy flowable silicone - its more for your money.

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thanks man i shall have to look into this flowable silcone you speak of.

Silicone is real nice to have if you know how to put it in. :smiley:
But K-pads are cool, they lasted me for quite a while.

I actually like duncan silicone better on the Dv88 better than Flowable sili, because since the recesed (speeling) is so wide and somewhat thin the floble silidoes not have as much room to were out.

thnx guys for all the help, im gunna go out and get some flowable silicone and start playing around with my DM, pulling out the o-ring and putting in the silicone