anyone else have this problem with their sb dv888?


about a week ago one of my k-pads randomly fell out, why does this happen? i siliconed the one side and left the other pad in, the silicone got basically all torn out after a few days, the recess is very shallow
and just now my other k pad fell out, i’m going to try and silicone it again and see if i have better results, but i am wondering if anyone else has had this happened to their sb dv888, and what response are you using?


What type of silicone?


flowable silicone form yyn, its all i’ve ever used and has been great, i might see if i can grab some RTV silicone and try that as i hear great things about it


Flowable is RTV. That kind of silicone doesn’t last that long. You mean Gasket Maker.


isn’t flowable called that because it fills in the spots that you can miss, i have used silicone that does not say flowable and its a lot harder to work


That’s gasket.


i’ll try both maybe, it should “flow” then

do you have a sb dv888?


No but I know one thing for sure is that flowable does not last long.


i think that just has to do with your personal experience with it i’ve used it in many throws and it generally last from 2-4 months, i’m 90% sure the reason it was ineffective in the sb dv888 is because the recess is so shallow


Flowable is for oring types in my opinion. Gasket is the best!



Flowable is somewhat similar to syrup but it’s, well, silicone. RTV is not flowable and has to be manipulated into the recess more.

Flowable can last a long time, as said in many other topics. A key component is how much you put in. If you don’t even fill the recess up, it’s not going to last too long. If you just barely fill it up, it’ll last quite a bit longer.

K-pad recesses aren’t too shallow to put flowable in. I’ve done it. It works great.


as have i but it seems to not work as good with their sb yoyos as i’ve seen the same thing happen to my hectic but have had good results with the LB yoyos, but one time it did get ripped out of my 09 888


All silicone is RTV. Gasket Maker is what is hard to put in.


Your problem is probably that you’re putting it in the schmoove ring, not the recess. Make sure you put it in the recess, fill it up completely, and wait a FULL 24 hours before playing with it again.

How long did you wait previously?


lol nope i only put it in the recess, and i waited over 24 hours to let it cure, i just put in some gasket marker today so hopefully it works better, if not i have to buy some new pads and hope they won’t just fall out just after a month of play

I’ve siliconed yoyos many times so i’m not new to it


my gasket maker is done curing and my throw has been playing great with super tight binds, its my first time using gasket marker so the job on one side has a few weak spots but seems to be holding up fine, so it should last longer than a week this time


This happened with my die-nasty.

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Yeah k-pads falling out of the Dv888 is pretty common from what I’ve know. Happened to me as well. Haven’t had a problem lately though, only the ones that came stock fell out on me. :stuck_out_tongue:



Gasket maker and flowable are BOTH RTV. They vulcanize at room temperature. If they didn’t you would have to cure them in an autoclave.


Ok sorry. I was just going by what the yoyo world knows the things as. I know I’m not the first to do so, but yes, they are both RTV, but the gasket maker is what I referred to as “RTV” and the flowable is what I referred to as flowable…