Flow-able Silicon?

how long does flowable silicon last compared to manufacturing response systems?

Depends. Some people have said that they’ve put in flowable silicone and never had to replace it. Some others have also said it falls out after 3 months. Apparently that is more of a problem if the recessed groove is smooth and not ridged or something (i.e. nothing for the silicone to grab to when it dries).

Other response systems will wear down over time, based on how much you throw. I’ve heard that the Duncan friction stickers wear out pretty quickly if you are throwing a lot. Can’t say for the dif pads or ghost pads or Kentaro pads (though I just put a pair of these in the new FH2) or o-rings. I believe o-rings take a lot longer to wear down than stickers or pads.

Hope that helps. If you have recesses on both sides, you could always put a pad or sticker on one side and silicone the other side.

Yeah I’ve been throwing my Dv888 using the YYF k-pads and they always fall out within a week, I do play with it A LOT but still looking for something that i don’t have to replace as much, I’ll give probably it a try when I run out of k-pads.

my kpads on my 888 havent fallen oit and ive put a good 100 hours on that thing.

I honestly don’t know why they fall out so easily, I just recently figured out that they leave behind the plastic sticky material behind when they pop out so maybe that is what was causing them not to last so long, i’ll find out soon enough.

I suggest RTV silicone over flowable. IMO, it gives tighter binds, looks like you actually have a response (not clear), and when you master siliconing with RTV silicone, it is so easy to silicone with flowable.

This is the last time I will say this. FLOWABLE SILICONE IS RTV!!!

Oh… I guess Gasket Maker is what I mean. Sorry… if I’m wrong again, just say.