Silicone pads vs. flowable silicone

I haven’t posted on these forums for a year or so, and was quite grateful to find that my account is still active. Anyway, even after a year, I still have newbish questions… let’s hope you all are still willing to answer them!

I have a YoYoJam Legacy that I got as a gift last year but didn’t start using until three months ago. Since then, the silicone response pads that came with the Legacy have been falling out. I’m trying to decide whether to replace them with YYJ Silicone Pads or with flowable silicone. I’m leaning toward flowable silicone, as silicone response pads seem unnecessarily expensive; however, the pads are easy and convenient to install. What I am wondering is (1) which choice will last longer before having to be replaced again? and (2) which would you prefer/recommend?

I prefer the flowable silicone as it lasts longer, and doesn’t wear out as quickly. I would just use the flowable silicone as for now IMO it your best choice. :wink:

Flowable is great but pads are easier to apply and have less of a risk factor

Definitely Flowable.

Flowable Pros: Lasts longer, cheaper, can “adjust” the response strength. (By using more or less)
Cons: You need to wait overnight. Not much of a problem for me. I silicone it before bed, and wake up and use it. Or you need to wait around 10 hours. At least for my silicone.
Also, it takes a bit of practice/cleanup. The good thing is it’s easy to remove, and once you have it down perfect, you’ll be putting it in in 5 mins.

Pads Pros: Instant installation, more convenient, don’t have to carry a bottle of silicone with you on trips.

Cons: Less durable, way more expensive, needs shipping, cannot “adjust” response.

I would go with flowable. Especially because of cost.

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They’re the same. Just pick one. Its all Silicone.

if your not comfortable with silicone go with silicone pads

Okay, my primary concern with flowable silicone was that it may fall out more easily; I realize now that I was mistaken. I suppose it makes sense; when used as a windshield/glass sealant, flowable silicone has to stay in pretty well. I’m not too worried about applying the stuff, and as Batryn said, it can be removed if needed.

Thank you all for your advice, I appreciate it.

Yea. Flowable will stick in way better. Cuz it fills every gap by flowing into it, while stickers can leave a minute gap.