what are the advantages of flowable silicon

So my silicon fell out of my Dv888 today and i wanted to know what are the advantages of using flowable silicon instead of the silicon sticker that Dv888 comes stock with.

thanks in advance

The thing I most like about flowable silicone, other than the snappy binds it provides, is that once you have a tube of it, you have at your disposal a ton of do it yourself response pads, which means that you don’t have to worry about continually buying stickers. That said, I like the way some stickers play very much, and have quite a number of yoyos that cannot accept silicone.

You can mold flowable silicone into your own level of response much easier, IMO. Plus, as Rodriguez said, you always have it at your disposal.

Biggest advantage is probably its local availibility. Consider O-rings as well, I have one in a Dark Magic of mine and enjoy never really having to mess with the response.

yes, its cheaper than stickers, almost every hardware store has it, and you can mold it flush or recesed.

tighter binds, more unresponsive

Although it should be pointed out that (In my experience) recessed seems to wear out faster.

it is Q.
it’s back to your preference, with recessed there will be less response.
and then it can be redo again.

Just thought I should point that out :wink:

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No matter how crappy the job… it will usually be unresponsive still… just really snaggy lol. I usually do a crappy job, then just stick it on a drill, and even it out with my swiss army knife xD.(DON"T DO TAT) i’ve gotten outta that now, and can get it right in the groove with no problem. Flowable silicone tends to have abnormally snappy binds (in a good way) and provides 0% response when tugging the yoyo to come up.

complete agreeance

i never liked one thing about stickers, and that is when you accidentally put it on off-center, it’s so hard to fix if a lot of it has stuck to the yoyo! and sometimes if you do mess up and succeed in centering it right. it’s not going to perform as great.

no matter how bad of a job i do with silicone, it can be played in, and it will eventually naturally “recess” itself in time. removing it is cleaner too (this depends on the throw of course) but i hate the leftover bits of adhesive left behind from some pads/stickers. ive had those gum up my bearing more than once.

i love silicone personally. also, i think you really get more bang for your buck. if you dont waste any, and use the corner of a card to apply it and store it right, one tube can last you over a year! seriously, ive had the same tube over a year, and i use it on over 10 different yoyos! (i got it down to a science these days :wink: a small toothpaste sized BB of it is good on my 888 for both halves!) but still, the only reason that tube is so low after over a year is because we had to make an actual gasket with it that took over half the bottle! :slight_smile: love the stuff. easy to find, and for $5 you get your money’s worth!