Replacement Pads for Dv888?

Hey eXperts! I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on my noobish question. I got a Dv888 for christmas and am in need of replacing the pads, I have been using my own flowable silicone job but I don’t like that because I am bad at it and because of that it doesn’t last very long and I only have 1 yoyo so I don’t like having to wait 24 hours to yoyo.
Will these work in my Dv888?
Any other suggestions?

sorry bout the thread jack

but will you have to replace thoses?

Yes, you have to replace response pads eventually and the pads should fit, if you read the last sentence on the DV888 page here at YYE it says 888 size K-pads fit.

P.S Not just eXperts are helpful ;).

You can use the flowable too… I guess

i recommend the regular k-pads over the kentaro’s in my experience with them they did not even last a week

Thanks for your responses guys, I didn’t really mean eXperts as just the people with the title. I kinda meant all of us are eXperts since we all use and love this site.[tr][td] ;D Sorry for the misunderstanding. :-[

You can silicon it and not wait 24hrs. I siliconed mine a few months back. Here’s what I did.

1- remove old pads.
2- Clean the groove. Clean it really well. Use acetone or alcohol and get all leftover sticky crap out.
3- Silicone.
4- Let the silicone dry for 15-30 min.
5- Put a skillet on the stove on LOW. Put a yo-yo half on the center of the skillet. Let it heat until the yo-yo is too hot to touch. Remove from heat.
6- repeat with other yo-yo half.
7- Wait a while, maybe an hour or so, play the yo-yo.

I did this and have had no problems with the silicone. Considering the depth of the response groove, 24hrs drying time is a bit excessive in my opinion.

Try it. If you don’t like it order the pads. You’ve got the silicone. You have nothing to loose.