newbie needs help

I’ve just started yoyoing and i use a dv888 tug responsive. it uses YYF CBC Pad large slim. so i’m wondering when the pads wear out can i use flowable silicone or yoyojam o-rings to replace them?

Can, yes, but I suggest trying to get the same response pads it came with if possible. If not, find as close of a substitute as possible.


Flowable would be fine, I run Monkey Snot in my 888 and it’s just as good as slim pads.


I’d vote for silicone as well, I find it a lot more convenient especially if your yoyo collection grows. Never worry about having wrong sized pads again!


Bro, get a variety pack of yoyofactory pads. Try what you like, and all of them are pretty good

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ImThatGuyInYourLife: thanks for your advice bro, but i hear that the YYF pads will wear out after couples of week and i come from vietnam so it’s not convinient to order the pads regularly