888 silicone Pads

One keeps coming out while i’m throwing and my yo-yo suddenly shoots back up.

Well you need some new ones.


I have the same problem. I think it’s worn out, so u have to get a replacement or k-pads.

Alright, thanks. :smiley:

the same always happened to me, also. I hate that! Their not worn out, or broken, but it lost its stickyness. Comes out with a bind. I just put in YYJ silicone o-rings, binds tighter, stays in better. Works great!

Yeah thats what I was wondering, they didn’t look worn out or anything. The YYJ o-ring fit in the 888?


So then you could just silicone it? If the recess is deep enough for an o-ring it’s probably deep enough for flowable, yes?

um how do I do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

The recess isn’t very deep. Don’t do that. But if you want, you can buy a tube of flowable silicone, put it in the recess, and let it dry.

Wait, i’m confused on what I shouldn’t do.

He’s saying that you probably shouldn’t flowable silicone it because it isn’t very deep but that if you did it would probably still work.

Oh ok. I think i’m just gunna buy O-rings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should: Shouldn’t:

YoYoJam silicone o-rings. Put flowable silicone in a yoyo’s
New YYF silicone pads. recess or cavity.
New YYF K-Pads. (Tighter binds)
Any O-Pad. (Silicone)
Born Crucial Ghost Rings. (Amazing!)

Any pad, or o-ring that will fit in a large
bearing yoyo.

Thanks Spencer ;]

Sure thing. That little list took me like 15 min. to make.

If I was to get ghost pads, what size should I get?

Ghost Pads, you mean Ghost Rings? But if pads, probably thick and medium if you want to cover up starburst or a cavity. Thick and large if you just need an all around sticker.

Sorry I mean ghost rings.

O-rings won’t fit in an 888’s recess.