YoYoJam Silicone O-rings - What else will work?

YoYoJam Silicone O-rings (III?)

My axiom takes these, but they are not available. Some of the later YYJs went to this pad, some of you still play them, they’re great.

Any knowledge of what pads to use? I don’t want to silicone really, lazy and like the consistency of pads.

Decided to keep the Axiom, with a KK it plays well.

I think regular pads will work. I may be wrong, but its worth a shot.

Hunch is they won’t, recess is deeper.

One drop flow groove pads are deeper then standard 19 millimeter pads, maybe try those?

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FYI, for old YYJs with the deep recess for black O-rings (Hitman, Kickside), you can use thick beginner YYF silicone pads (green) and they fill most of the recess. However, this is not what you want for the Axiom.

For newer YYJs with silicone pads before they created the newest YYJ pads (like the Axiom and original pre-Solid Spin Atmosphere) I think the recess is actually on the shallow side. If you’re using a string-centering bearing, 19mm YYF silicone pads would definitely work (they’re in my original Atmosphere, not sure about my Axiom). However I’m unsure whether the pads are flush or lower and so I can’t vouch for perfect unresponsive play on a flat bearing. I would guess it’s good enough for most.


Just pour some flowable

Do this. Trust me.