An idea for a dm mod!

has anybody ever tried removeing the o ring out of a dm am puting in some kind of silicone if you have, how did it work?


Silicone can be and has been applied in every type of YoYoJam yo-yo that has an o-ring groove. It is often preferred for its tight binds but with no chance of it coming into contact with the string except during binds.

I currently use a K-Pad in my DM instead of the regular YYJ O-ring. It’s not exactly the kind of silicone that you squeeze out of a bottle, but it works wonders just the same. The binds became tighter, and it snags less, which was a constant problem with the O-ring-starburst Hybrid response.

silicone it , it works fine as long it is flowable or rtv NO BATHTUB

I like the o-ring starburst hybrid, but I do also like it with silicone.

It can be a good mod or not, just depends if you like it or not.

ok thanks also wat about the replacemanrt yyj silicone

I can’t recommend the YYJ Silicone O-Rings! I tried them in my Mini-Mo Trix for a while but the binds were not tight enough! Therefore I swiched back to TEZ-Orings or YYF K-Pads which are much better!

I and many others have used YYJ silicone o-rings and I personally say they work great.

Yeah I have done this to my DM except I have dual RTV in mine thanks to some very heavy modifcation, but back to the main idea, the RTV works great, I have had nothing but great times with the change of response, go for it you definatly wont be dissapointed.

Since when is cutting a silicone recess or just swapping halves heavy modification?

Well it was the first mod I ever did, and I figured that cutting in a recess on the DM was a fairly serious mod to be done.