Dm and k-pads

So this is my first time using this poll thingy and i need some help.
I want to change my dm’s o-ring and idk wich works better.
Flow able silicone or k-pads. All my friends from the yo-yo club told me
silicone. But i need other people’s opinion.

So I want to ask which k-pad would work.

Which is better:o-ring,silicone,or k-pad(with a reason).

And Which k-pads fit the dm.

Thank you ^^

silicone, just not the orings

The pads that are made for yoyojam yoyos are in the accessories section under yoyojam silicon
They work very well and fit easily into my DM.
Hope that helped.

I say get some flowable silicon and throw some in the o-ring groove. I have it done to my DM and its awesome.

I also say get flowable silicon (but this is my opinion some people like pads more then silicon). But if you don’t want to buy anything you really could just shave the orings.

these are all the responese so pick the one that you think you would like the best

I prefer a worn down o-ring over silicone. But if you want to use k-pads, then the 888 size should fit.

Thanks ^^