DM with silicone pads


would a yyj silicone pad fit into the o-ring recess of the dm, or would u have to make a new recess?

(yoyo jake) #2

yes it will fit


No, it won’t fit. Silicone pads are too wide, unless you are talking K-pads. You want silicone o-rings.


me confused: one person says yes and the other says no


(Hardcore_Max) #5

silicone orings or put flowable silcone or rtv in the oring recess yourself. Ive had rtv in my dm for like 8 months now and its still good as the day I put it in.


So just to make sure a dm will fit these ? And if it will, will it give the same type of unresponsive play as it would if you put flowable sillicon in it?