My pad is falling off, I tried to put it on, but it’s not fully in, like a corner isn’t touching the yoyo if you know what I mean. Can I just take it off and play with one or what? What do I do?!?!?!


Can you take pictures? What yoyo and what pads are you using? They’re probably worn out, just get a new pair. This happens to all types of response.

Next time, you should probably specify that you’re talking about yoyo response pads, because the title sounds a bit odd. :wink:


Umm,k, its a yoyodactory supernova, and its the pads it came with. 1 sec, ill try to add a pic


usually just means you’ve over worn them, it’s happened to me twice with my DM 2, so I’m waiting for yyE to get more stock of their BULK IRpads, I seem to go through mine pretty quickly


were can I fine this yoyodactory supernova?


Ohhhhh, factory ;D


Hey yoyo thanks for congrating me on my first post. Anyways the pads are worn out. I recommend getting the YYF response system variety pack. Because I don’t know what you want but there good pads got some today.


The Supernova takes CBC slim pads.

Buy a pair of that size, then scrape out the remaining pad in the yoyo and put the new ones in :).

They wear down so pick up more than one pack…


Oh, ok thanks guys. I go to a yoyo club, and thats when a part of the pad wasn’t in the side of the yoyo. I asked what pads I should buy if I need new ones, he said they had yoyofactory pads, they were orange. Does anybody know what pads those are? I know nothing about pads…


Well I know the red are the contest pads…


Just make sure they say CBC Slim…

Just use the search bar, CBC Slim pad…


it’s the standard 19mm size, the IR pads are in stock now here at YYE so you might want to try a little ball of 5 pairs 'cause it’s easier than buying them buy the pair, and if they work out get a jar of 25 (that’s what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue: )


Just for the note, you might want to get some flowable silicone and give that a shot. I prefer that because I can go pick it up from a local store instead of ordering it online and paying shipping(I like doing stuff myself as well)



I just don’t like the idea of having to wait 24 hours before I can throw again


And that, my friend, is when a spare throw comes in handy. :wink:


once I have some spares that becomes valid, but I only have 2 1A yoyos, my Lizard; which doesn’t seem to play right any more, and my DM2, sometime this month I’ll have 1 more to my collection


Flowable silicone does not take 24 hours to dry in a yoyo its more like 4-6 and your ready to go i find the clear flowable the easiest to apply but the red and clear rtv last much longer but they are a bit harder to apply i wouldnt waste the money on ready made pads but thats just me


NO, do NOT just play your yoyo after a few hours. The silicone may seem dry, but if it didn’t have enough time to cure, it would fall out easily, which was the OP’s problem in the first place


Hey man im just sayin what works for me


Sorry if I came across as harsh, its just that 4-6 hours seems pretty short, especially if it were the person’s first time doing silicone and he/she did a sloppy job